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Confidence. Discipline. Accountability.

The benefits of martial arts extend far beyond the ability to safely and effectively defend yourself. More than just kicking and punching, Mangan Martial Arts Academy employs multiple success-driven techniques and philosophies thoughtfully integrated to foster mutual respect, encourage self-reliance, and above all, empower each of our students with real-world skills that last a lifetime. From children and teens to adults and beyond, we offer a wide range of martial arts, self-defense, and conditioning programs for the whole family.



  • Physical & Mental Fitness
  • Focus & Concentration
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Respect & Discipline
  • Higher Self-Esteem
  • Leadership & Teamwork Skills
  • Self-Defense & Personal Safety
  • Stress Management
  • Weight Loss & Muscle Tone
  • Increased Energy, Strength & Stamina
  • And so much more!

In addition to the many physical and health benefits associated with the martial arts, research suggests that there are numerous therapeutic rewards for both children and adults living with ADHD, Autism, and Asperger’s Syndrome. Talk to you doctor today to learn if our programs are right for you.

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