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Building on over forty years of experience as a student, instructor, and father, 8th degree black belt, Bob Mangan, founded Mangan Martial Arts Academy in 1995 to create a safe and positive learning environment dedicated to providing personalized, high-quality martial arts instruction.


A New York native who began his martial arts journey in 1974, Sensei Bob employs an effective blend of traditional and modern self-defense styles that emphasize technique, leverage, and practice over size and strength, making his unique and exciting brand of martial arts ideal for students of all ages, body-types, and skill levels.


Rooted in discipline, focus, persistence, and respect, Sensei Bob’s unique approach to martial arts and personal safety is rivaled only by his unwavering commitment to helping his students achieve everything and anything they put their minds to.


Co-Instructors Samantha & Stephanie Mangan

Inspired by their father’s passion for martial arts at an early age, 3rd degree black belts, Samantha and Stephanie Mangan, know from experience that the family that kicks together sticks together. Proud to work alongside their dad at Mangan Martial Arts Academy, Samantha and Stephanie bring decades of martial arts experience to the Mooresville and Lake Norman community.

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