Welcome to Mangan Martial Arts Academy, Lake Norman’s premier family-run dojo since 1995. Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Mooresville, our mission is to empower students of all ages and experience to meet and exceed their full potential through the practice of martial arts in a safe, fun, and positive learning environment. Specializing in practical and effective self-defense techniques, we aim to prepare our students with the necessary skills and self-reliance to protect themselves and their loved ones from almost any hostile conflict imaginable.

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Utilizing a unique combination of traditional and modern techniques, head instructor, Sensei Bob Mangan, brings over four decades of martial arts experience to provide personalized, high quality instruction in martial arts, self-defense, and full-body conditioning programs carefully designed to challenge and encourage each and every student to accept nothing less than their very best.

With an emphasis on self-discipline, focus, and personal safety, we proudly invite you to join us for a free class today and discover how Mangan Martial Arts Academy can help you and your child to excel both on and off the mats.


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